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Video Content Rating System

Two of our largest priorities at Chiefpigskin are that coaches will always know what they are getting in a video and that they will pay a fair price for that video.  That is why we have developed our Video Information Rating System.  Every product on Chiefpigskin will receive a rating and the purchase price will be set accordingly.

Basic:  $5.95 – This video shares football knowledge that will contribute to your coaching career or may include some ideas you have not thought of.  However, it does not quite offer as much information as you would expect to receive in your standard clinic presentation.  This is usually due to a video being of a shorter duration.

Bronze: $9.95 –  This video is of a standard clinic quality.  This means that it is what you expect to view at any local clinic where one man is given one time block to present an idea or concept.

Silver:  $19.95 – This video is of high clinic quality, and contains highly detailed information on a specific topic or includes trade or team secrets.

Gold:  $29.95 – This video is of high quality clinic presentations and offers a COMPLETE look at a scheme and includes details of position play.  This means that from this set of videos you could install an offense, defense, or special teams system.