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aubryCoach Jason Aubry has been coaching high school football since 1997, and since 1999 he has been the head coach in three respective programs.  Coach Aubry has coached at many different levels in his coaching tenure with his last stop in the Joliet Township School district being his longest.  Coach Aubry has been in the Joliet Township District as the head football coach for the past 11 years.  Four years as the head coach for the combined Joliet Township football program and this is his 7th year as the head coach of the Joliet West Football program where he has orchestrated one of the greatest program turnarounds as he has flipped a toxic, stagnant program into a program with a championship culture.  During the 2014 season Coach Aubry led the Joliet West Tigers to their first playoff berth in the history of the school and to top that incredible feat he led the 2016 Tigers, not only to the playoffs again, but also to the best record in school history since 1969.


How to Separate Yourself In Your Next Interview

aubry-cultureCoach Aubry has been at the forefront of the push to build your program around culture since the early 2000’s.  Now, he has an offensive and defensive coordinator and spends the bulk of his time building and maintaining a positive environment.  In this video he talks about the 5 groups you have to get to buy into your program in order to be successful and how to win them over.  He shares his coaches’ on and off field coaching directives, his program goals, and what is that will separate you from the rest when it comes to your next interview for a head coaching job.  We all need these reminders of how to build our football program around the right things that will make a lasting impact on our school, our athletes, and our community.

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Joliet West’s Gap Control 4-4

Gap Control DefenseJoliet West has kept things simple for their guys defensively and have had success.  Defensive Coordinator Harry Hessling has opted for this simple Gap Control 4-4 for the last 2 years.  In 2016 they gave up just 16.8 points per game playing a great football conference in Illinois’ largest class.  In this video, Coach Hessling gives you an overview of their gap control defense.  He covers their numbering system for personnel and alignment, how the defensive line plays to create plays for the linebackers, how they play their cover 3, blitzes, and rolling their coverage to a cover 4.  This video is a great introduction to playing a gap control 4-4.

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