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DeeMack’s Wing-T

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Learn the Wing-T

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[divider_flat]Don’t miss out on Coach Job Linboom’s 3 video series on their Wing-T system.  Coach Linboom covers their entire offensive system in these 3 videos, providing rules, philosophies, thought processes, and footwork for the whole system.  See their offense in action with tons of game film including footage from the 2016 State Championship Game![hr]


Wing-T Fullback[/threecol_one] [threecol_two_last]

Video 1:  Inside Rushing Attack

[divider_flat]Linboom carefully lays out their inside rushing attack which revolves around their fullback.  They really heavily on their trap play and Coach carefully breaks down all the details of the play, including variations of their trap, and drills they use to make the play work for them.  In addition to details on the trap he covers their belly and lead plays.  Check Out The Presentation Outline.[divider]Add to Cart

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Wing-T Videos

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Video 2: Perimeter Rushing Attack

[divider_flat]Linboom dives into their perimeter rushing attack which includes bucksweep, power, crisscross, belly option, and rocket.  As Linboom says, “We are almost scientific in how we run Sweep.”  The Sweep accounts for about 80% of their perimeter run game but the others keep the defense off balance and have come up huge for the Chiefs in big playoff games. Check Out The Presentation Outline [divider]Add to Cart

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Wing-T Passing Game[/threecol_one] [threecol_two_last]

Video 3: Passing Attack

[divider_flat]In this final video of the series, Coach Linboom breaks down their 3 pass plays in detail.  That’s right, just 3 pass plays!  Though they don’t throw it often, you will see how they used their passing game to keep the defense honest and break keys.  Enjoy game footage and watch the passing game in action.  In 2016 they threw for over 1000 yards and 16 Touchdowns.  This is install worthy content but we’ve lowered the price for you since it’s short.  DeeMack sure keeps it simple… and EFFECTIVE! Check Out The Presentation Outline [divider]Add to Cart

[divider_flat] Video Content Rating:  Gold[divider_flat] 33 Minutes $19.95[/threecol_two_last][hr]

The 3 Video Series

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About Job Linboom:

Coach LinboomCoach Linboom has been the head coach at DeeMack High School since 2006.  In that time, he has led DeeMack to the IHSA playoffs 7 times and won the IHSA 2A State Championship in 2016.  In 2016 they rushed for over 5000 yards, proving that the wing-t is an explosive offense, capable of putting up big time points.[hr]

DeeMack No Huddle Wing-T

In this video, Coach shares the concepts behind their up-tempo, no huddle system.  He explains why they run it, the advantages AND disadvantages of doing so, how they call the plays in, and finally how they practice the no huddle.  If you’ve thought at all about the no huddle, you’ll want to see this video to help you think through it.

23 minutes$5.95

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