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Crusader Flexbone

flexbone offense

[divider_flat]Tim Rulo has been the head football coach at Helias Catholic High School in Missouri since 2015 and has maintained the high powered Flexbone attack that he had in seven years at South Callaway High School. In his time at South Callaway, Rulo went 66-19 with  four district titles under his belt.  The team advanced to the Class 2 championship game in 2014 for the first time in that school’s history, on their way to a 14-1 season. While going 14-1, South Callaway outscored its opponents by a staggering 753-109.
Known as a “winner” on and off the field Coach Rulo has the Crusader program on track to be another triple option juggernaut with the Crusader Flexbone.

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[threecol_one] Why Run the Flexbone [/threecol_one] [threecol_two_last]

Crusader Flexbone: Why We Run It

[divider_flat]Coach Rulo does a great job in this video expressing why exactly he has chosen to run the flexbone at Helias Catholic.  Every coach needs to watch this video and have the same answers ready to defend their own choice of offenses.  Does what you are doing offensively match what you are trying to achieve in your organization?  What are the strengths and the weaknesses of your choice?  What will be the complaints you will have to deal with?  Learn why Rulo believes the flexbone culture breeds success. Check Out The Presentation Outline[divider]Add to CartView Cart
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Crusader Flexbone: Game Planning & Practice For Flexbone Success

[divider_flat]Coach Rulo walks you through their entire week in detail.  He provides insight into their player grading, scouting reports, halftime plans, substitution, and even cover and shows film on a couple of their main flexbone drills that are essential to the plan and winning with the flexbone. Check Out The Presentation Outline[divider]Add to CartView Cart
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Crusader Flexbone: The 5 Base Runs

[divider_flat]This video lays out the Crusaders main run plays. Inside Veer, Midline Double, Midline Triple, Rocket, and Zone Dive.  For each play Coach Rulo breaks down the blocking, talks the key coaching points and provides multiple in game clips. Check Out The Presentation Outline(No video for Midline Triple)  [divider]Add to CartView Cart
[divider_flat] Video Content Rating:  Silver[divider_flat]51 minutes $19.95 [/threecol_two_last][hr]