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31 Years of Head Coaching


Retired Head Coach Donald Herman sat down with the cameras at Chiefpigskin to pass along some of the knowledge and experience gained in his 31 year Head Coaching Career.  Under head coach Donald Herman, who took over the coaching reins in 1988, the Vineyarders football team won five Massachusetts State Championships (known as Super Bowls) and appeared in eight championship games in total. He also led the Vineyarders to two undefeated seasons, in 1997 and 1999. Coach Herman was selected as the Boston Globe Coach of the Year in 2008, and has been inducted into the Massachussetts High School Football Coaches Hall of Fame. At the end of the 2015 season, Herman announced his retirement.  During his 28 years as head coach at Martha’s Vineyard, Herman had a record of 216-90.

Sit back and enjoy some wisdom from a man who has seen it all over the last 31 years.

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Retired: My Top 10 Ideas

[divider_flat]After being a head coach for 31 years you go through a lot of ideas.  Inevitably, some are bound to be stinkers while other turn out to be winners.  Come hang out with Coach Herman and listen as he goes through 10 of his best ideas for success after a long career filled with winning.[divider]Add to CartView Cart
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Retired: Stories of Accountability, Character Building, and Discipline

[divider_flat]As Coach points out, there really isn’t an end all be all way to answer all the many things that can go wrong when you are coaching kids.  Each situation is unique, and you as the coach will have to find a unique way to handle them all.  All while maintaining command of your program and helping your athletes build character.[divider]Add to CartView Cart
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Retired: What I’ve Learned

[divider_flat]How do you sum up a 31 year career and over 200 wins?  Join Coach Herman as he reflects on his own career and offers you bits of advice to do it the right way and achieve success along the way.[divider]Add to CartView Cart

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