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hitsquad 3-3After serving as the Defensive Coordinator at Glenbard West High School for several years and helping the Hilltoppers to a 7A State Championship game birth in 2009, Jeremy Cordell was given an opportunity as Head Coach at neighboring Glenbard South High School. Now at GBS, Cordell has continued to run the same defense and is serving once again as the Defensive Coordinator. At both schools, they have broken down the 3-5-3 defense to a science. Their athletes play free and play fast and are gaining notoriety around the Chicago suburbs as devastating defenses.


4 Video Package

gbs-33-packageSave nearly $5 when you buy all 4 videos at once. Learn the 3-5-3 from one of the premiere systems in the state of Illinois.

1 hour 36 Minutes – $29.95

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Alignment & Personnel


Coach Cordell breaks down their 3-3 stack. Their defensive goals, philosophy, base alignment, and the breakdown of each position. Coach talks about the responsibilities of each position and the type of young man they look for when filling it.

22 Minutes – $6.95

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Lane Reads (Run Fits)

gbs-33-laneCoach Cordell, along with Coach Hetlet at Glenbard West, have a unique way of identifying their run fits. They classify every play into 4 lane reads. Their athletes know where they fit vs. each different lane read. It allows their players to play fast and fit up quickly. This is groundbreaking stuff you’ll want to get your hands on.

33 Minutes – $9.95

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Attacking the Spread

gbs-33-spreadCoach Cordell doesn’t like to defend the spread offense, he likes to attack it. Get the complete package of ways they’ll change up what they do to give spread offenses fits. From alignment changes, to the 3-4, and various coverages. If you’re seeing spread, learn how to defend it with the 3-5 here!

27 Minutes – $9.95

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Blitz Sampler

gbs-33-blitzIn this video, Coach Cordell gives a complete overview of how they call their blitzes as well as a great sampler of their favorite havock causing blitzes. Blitzes shared include run stoppers and pass rushers.

17 Minutes – $7.95

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