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Dallas FootballIn week 7 of 2015 Dallas High School (OR) made the decision to make the switch to the Simplest 3-5-3.  After the switch they went 11-4 over the next two seasons and advanced all the way to the State Semi-Finals in 2016 losing to the eventual champs 10-7 in a defensive struggle.

The guy leading the way to playing great defense in Dallas is Defensive Coordinator Andy Jackson.  After Graduating from Western Oregon University where he was a standout defensive back, Coach Jackson played a year of football in the European Football League.  Upon returning he joined his father and brother on the coaching staff at Dallas HS.  He has been the defensive coordinator since 2012

Coach Jackson brings an energy and excitement to his craft that is contagious.  They’ve put together a great plan for playing great defense; keeping things simple for their kids in order to spend more time on the things they believe are truly critical to playing great D.  Don’t miss this video series![hr]

Dallas’ Simple 3-5-3: 3 Video Series[divider_flat]dallas-packageSave almost $10 when you buy all three videos at once.  These videos are the perfect compliment to Coach Albaugh’s Simplest 3-5-3 series.  Coach Jackson shares their entire defensive package, shares great insight into specific adjustments they make to help them defend different looks, and takes an in-depth look into how they practice.[divider_flat]
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Dallas’ Attacking Simplest 3-3 Defensive Package[divider_flat]3-5-3 DefenseStarting with why they chose the Simple 3-5-3 Coach Andy Jackson walks you through their entire defensive system.  From what types of kids they look for in each position, to keys for each player, run fits, and the change-up fronts and blitzes they use from goal line/short yardage to their Nickel package.  It’s over an hour of great information and insight into the defense of a successful program.  Check Out The Presentation Outline [divider_flat] 76 Minutes  –  $29.95[divider_flat]Video Content Rating: Gold[divider_flat]Add to CartView Cart[hr]
Developing An Elite Defense at Practice[divider_flat]

3-5-3 DrillsThis presentation is the game changer among a great video series.  It is clear to see that this is where Coach Jackson’s passion lies and they have truly made a difference in their defense simply from their practice style and philosophies.  Find out why practice is so important and how they use every minute to truly train their young athletes to play the game at a high level.  Learn how they drill pursuit, leverage, tackling, and fundamentals.  This video includes drill footage.  “I am leaving here humbled at how Coach Jackson and his staff are out coaching us.” Nate Albaugh. Check Out The Presentation Outline [divider_flat]

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Unique Ways to Game Plan & Attack Different Offenses From the Simplest 3-5-3[divider_flat]

3-5-3 linebackersCoach Jackson wraps up his 3 video series with this in-depth look at how they are game planning for their opponents.  Find out how they are organizing their week in order to prepare for Friday night, gain insight into what front and adjustments they are using in order to gain an advantage against multiple offensive looks, and learn their plan for defending option and power run.  Coach finishes up with how they tied their defensive concepts into a punt blocking scheme that helped them block 5 punts in 2016.  Coach Jackson spends over 30 minutes of this video on game film. Check Out The Presentation Outline [divider_flat]

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